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Monday, January 17, 2022

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Write the song or video keywords below to set a YouTube video as an alarm.

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What Is the Video Alarm Clock?

If you're tired of your regular alarm clock, you can use the Video Alarm Clock to wake up to your favorite YouTube video. It's easy-to-use and works like you'd expect any music alarm clock to work, giving you the extra option of not having to wake up to the same alarm sound all the time.

How Can I Use the YouTube Alarm Clock?

Using the YouTube Alarm Clock is quite simple. First, set the alarm time with the pair of dropdown boxes that decide the hour and minute that the video alarm clock will start. If you aren't familiar with the 12-hour clock, you can use the 24-hour clock converter. Next, type video keywords into the input and make sure that the video can be played. Optionally, navigate to under the video and set the snooze time you want to allow yourself. Finally, click on the "Set the Alarm" button. Once the clock has been set, you need to keep the tab active for it to work. This means you can't look at other pages and still have the alarm. Also, it's online, so obviously it can't be used without the internet.

What YouTube Videos Can I Use?

You can choose whatever video you'd like to wake you up – the mechanism to find videos is quick and effective. Just below where you chose the time, there is a box that lets you type in words to describe the video you want. Describing what you want is important. For example, if you type "David Bowie Heroes" into the box, you may get the original version or a live collaboration with Queen. If you want a specific video, the best idea is to put in the video id – the last eleven characters of the YouTube URL, such as "dQw4w9WgXcQ".

Why Should I Use the Alarm Clock with Music?

Most alarm clocks come with only a few alarm sounds, so being able to choose a video from YouTube's entire collection gives waking up a pleasant new dimension and adds a lot of options for you to choose from. Thanks to this YouTube alarm clock, you can wake up to the sound of waves swooshing or a meditation timer video from your favorite guru. It's also easy-to-use, like using a stopwatch, and you can set an online timer under a minute. You have the versatility of using this YouTube alarm app either on your computer or in the browser of a mobile device.