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How Can I Set an Alarm on a Computer?

The easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to set an alarm on any computer is to use a free online alarm clock. All you need to use this alarm clock is an internet connection. You don't need to download an app.

If you'd like to use your computer's native alarm clock to set an alarm, you can do that too.

  • You can set alarm clocks on a Windows 11 computer using the clock app. You can also use this application to set a timer or start a stopwatch.
  • On a Macbook, you can use the calendar app. For a more advanced solution, you need to download an alarm app to set alarms.
  • On Ubuntu, alarm feature is not available by default. You need to download an alarm app.

How Can I Set an Alarm on a Phone?

You can use the default alarm clock app on mobile phones or download a free one from the App Store or Google Play Store. On iPhone, tap alarm at the bottom of the Clock app to set an alarm. Set a time, day, and frequency for the alarm.

On Android devices, tap the clock icon on your home screen to access the alarm options. Set time and adjust the settings like alarm snooze. Finally, to name your alarms, tap Add label.

What Is the Online Alarm Clock?

The online alarm clock is a digital alarm clock you can use for free via your internet browser on any computer or mobile device. You can use the alarm to wake up in the morning and to help with daily routines like studying, exercising, cooking, or completing practice exams.

How Does the Online Alarm Clock Work?

The online alarm clock simply runs via an internet connection. It's completely free, and you don't need to download any apps or software to use the internet alarm clock. Once you've set your alarm for your chosen time, the webpage will sound an alarm at the volume your computer is set. Make sure your volume is turned up to hear the alarm.

How Can I Set an Alarm Online?

Using the wake-up alarm clock is simple. All you need to do is:

  • As a first step, set a specific time you want the alarm to go off in Hours and Minutes, or use the pre-selected alarm times. Don't forget to check the current time before setting the alarm time.
  • Pick your Alarm sound from the list by clicking the arrow and then clicking your preferred alarm sound. (optional)
  • Give your alarm a title under Alarm name. This will be your alarm message or a reminder that appears on the screen when you start the countdown (optional)
  • Click Set an alarm to set the alarm clock.

Once set, a live countdown will appear on-screen. You can end the alarm early by clicking Stop. Once the countdown hits zero, the alarm will sound. You can snooze the alarm for 10 minutes by clicking the Snooze button.

Finally, you can also view alarms you've previously set under Alarm Clock Data. Click Export to CSV to download the data or Clear Data to reset or forget the information. To set multiple alarms, open another tab and repeat the steps.

The alarm clock also remembers your latest settings, like the specified time or alarm label. You can use those default settings or change them.

Can I Use Any Alarm Sound?

No, the online alarm clock only has a limited selection of pre-selected sounds. You can pick from several types of loud alarms, like a buzzer, bell, or white noise. Unfortunately, YouTube Music or Spotify links cannot be used for alarms.

Is This a Loud Alarm Clock?

Yes, this online alarm clock is loud and can be heard even if your computer's volume is low. The site uses your computer's volume to sound the alarm, so you can increase or decrease its volume using your computer's sound volume functions.

Will the Online Alarm Clock Work If I Close the Tab?

No, the computer alarm clock does not work if you close the browser tab. However, the tab doesn't need to be active for the set alarm to sound. You can switch tabs or use another desktop application, and the alarm will still function.

Does the Online Alarm Clock Work When the Computer Is in Sleep Mode?

No, an alarm on the computer will not work if your device is in sleep mode. However, if your display is turned off, so the screen is dark, the online alarm clock will still play on most devices. If you are unsure whether your operating system will play the alarm with the display turned off, leave it on as a precaution or carry out a quick test of the alarm before using it overnight to wake up.

Does the Online Alarm Clock Work When the Computer Is Shut Down?

No, similar to all other online alarm clocks or any other web tool designed for computers, the online alarm clock will not work when your computer is turned off.