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How Can I Set an Alarm on a Computer?

It depends on your operating system. In some, you might find the functionality in the clock application, where you can also set a timer or start a stopwatch. The only global solution to setting an alarm on your laptop or PC is to use an online alarm clock.

What Is the Online Alarm Clock?

The Online Alarm Clock is a digital alarm clock online that helps you to wake up and ensures you don't oversleep. All you need for this free alarm clock is your computer and an active internet connection. This internet alarm clock can give you a gentle wake-up call, or you can crank the volume up if you have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings.

How Does the Online Alarm Clock Work?

This computer alarm clock has its own software to sound an alarm at a certain time. You don't need to install anything or do anything other than set the alarm.

How Can I Set an Alarm Online?

  1. Enter the time you want to wake up.
  2. Pick your alarm sound.
  3. Click "Set an Alarm".

Will the Online Alarm Clock Work if I Close the Tab?

No, this computer alarm clock doesn't work if you close the tab. However, you don't have to leave the tab as your active window indefinitely. You can switch over to a different tab, and the alarm clock will still function fine, as long as it is open.

Does the Online Alarm Clock Work When the Computer Is in Sleep Mode ⏾?

No, an alarm on the computer won't work if your computer is in sleep mode. However, if just your display is turned off, the Online Alarm Clock will still play on some devices. If you aren't sure whether your operating system will play the alarm with the display turned off, it is best to leave it on and not risk a late wake-up from your laptop alarm.

Does the Online Alarm Clock Work When the Computer Is Shut Down?

No, neither the Online Alarm Clock nor any other internet alarm clock works when the computer is shut down.