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What Is the Online Clock?

When you want to know, "What time is it?", you can use the Online Clock to see the current time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

You can view the time in analog or digital to see the time right now in your country or in different countries around the world.

The Online Clock doesn't let you track time passing, set a timer, or set the alarm. You can use the Online Stopwatch, Online Timer, or Online Alarm Clock for these tasks.

How Do I Use the Online Clock?

Unlike other time-tracking tools, like the Online Countdown, you don't need to input any information into the Online Clock.

All you need to do is view the clock and set your preferences as needed.

Here's how to use the Online Clock for different tasks:

  • To view the current time digitally, click Digital Clock.
  • To know, "What time is it?" in analog, tap Analog Clock.
  • To learn, "What time is it around the world?" scroll through the World Clock until you find your desired timezone.
  • To make the internet clock full-screen, tap the Full-Screen symbol (the outward arrows) in the top right-hand corner.

How Does the Online Clock Work?

Our clock is smart and uses your computer or phone's information to show you real-time data. This means it shows you what time it is based on your current location and/or the timezone your phone or computer is set to.

If your computer or phone is manually set to the incorrect time (rather than the computer-generated time), the Online Clock will also show the incorrect time. You can correct this by ensuring your device is set to the right timezone and/or has the right time.

Why Use the Online Clock?

You can use the Online Clock for all kinds of activities, including:

  • Work out what time it is
  • See the current time in hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • View an online clock with seconds
  • View an online full-screen clock for an exam, classroom activity, games night, or while working/studying to track the time
  • View an analog clock or digital internet clock on the screen
  • View a world clock and see the time in different countries and timezones around the world

Using the Online Clock full screen can help you if you are working in a classroom and want to show students the time in seconds, at work if you are running a group exercise in a meeting, at home if you are exercising, or if you are studying alone and want to keep track of how long a task takes you.

You can also use the Online Clock as a fun or helpful tool to learn what the time is right now in your country or around the world. So, if you have a friend who lives in a different country, you can easily see what time it is for them using the Online Clock.