My name is Burak Özdemir and I am the creator of the Online Alarm Clock. My journey to creating the Online Alarm Clock started with a problem that many of us face every day of our lives...

Struggling to wake up in the morning.

Like many other people in the world, I found it hard to wake up in the morning. After missing countless events and always being late for work, I decided enough was enough.

I embarked on a mission to find an alarm clock that worked for a heavy sleeper like me. I tried and tested all different types. Eventually, I stumbled upon the perfect combination – bed shakers combined with a powerful alarm. It may have felt like an earthquake dragging me from my slumber every morning, but it did the job!

While I was testing different types of alarm clocks, I realized something.

Alarm clocks aren't always very accessible.

Some alarm clocks can't easily be carried from place to place. Plus, not everyone wants to spend their money on bed shakers and powerful alarms – no matter how good they are.

But since most people do have laptops and computers, I came up with a solution. As a computer engineer, I decided to create the Online Alarm Clock.

My mission was simple. I wanted to create an alarm clock that is always accessible, easy to use (no matter how old, young, or tech-savvy you are), and is completely free for anyone in the world.

That's why you can use the Online Alarm Clock any time of day, no matter where you are or what time zone you're in. It has a snooze feature and a ton of other helpful ways to track your time throughout the day, including an:

Here's to waking up on time and never missing out again!


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