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How Can I Set a Timer on My Computer?

Windows 11 users can use the default clock application, which also comes with an alarm clock and stopwatch. Mac users should install a timer app from the App Store. Users who don't want to install a timer program can use the Online Timer.

What Is the Online Timer?

The Online Timer is an easy-to-use computer timer with an alarm for those who want to set an hour-, minute-, and second-based timer online.

How Do I Set a Timer Online?

  1. Set the duration for the countdown timer.
  2. Pick your alarm sound.
  3. Click "Start Timer".

How Does the Online Timer Work?

Once the timer with an alarm has been set, the Online Timer counts down from a given time, and an alarm rings when the measured time has run out.

Where Can I Use the Online Timer?

As long as you have your computer with an internet connection by your side, you can use the Online Timer for any task. For instance, you can use the Online Timer with an alarm sound when preparing and cooking a meal, studying, or in the classroom.

Does the Online Timer Work If I Close This Tab?

No, the Online Timer doesn't work if you close this tab. However, you can still browse in other tabs after starting the timer.

Does the Online Timer Work in Sleep Mode?

No, the Online Timer, or any other internet timer, doesn't work if your computer is in sleep mode.