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How Can I Set a Timer on My Computer?

On any browser, you can use a free online timer to set a timer on your computer. You can access this via the internet without downloading an app. This is the easiest way to set a live timer online.

What Is the Online Timer?

The online timer is an easy-to-use computer timer you can use to display a large countdown on the screen. You can set a timer in hours, minutes, or seconds quickly and easily from any computer or mobile device. Once set, the online alarm will sound at your computer's volume.

How Do I Set a Timer Online?

Using the timer is easy, and you can start it in just a few simple steps:

  • Set the number of Hours, Minutes, and Seconds you want the timer to run for, or choose a pre-selected minute or second timer from the options listed.
  • Set your Alarm sound by clicking the arrow and selecting from the list.
  • Add a Timer name or leave it as the default.
  • Click Start Timer to begin your timer.

To create multiple timers, open a new tab and simply repeat these steps.

How Does the Online Timer Work?

Once set, your timer with alarm will begin counting down. On screen, you can check how long it is left and what time it finishes via the digital clock. Like a stopwatch, a progress bar will appear, showing the percentage of your countdown timer's completion. Once completed, your chosen sound will be played. Make sure your computer volume is on or turned up to hear the alarm.

While your timer clock is running, you can:

  • Press Pause to temporarily stop your timer.
  • Press Continue to continue your timer.
  • Press Restart to stop your timer and replace it with a new one.
  • Press Stop to stop your timer and set a new timer.

Once your timer(s) have run, a table will appear below under Timer Data.

This shows the name, duration, and time stamps for your recent timers. To save your data, click Export to CSV.

Where Can I Use the Online Timer?

You can create a timer on any computer or mobile device with an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Because the timer clock shows a large on-screen countdown, it is great for being used in classrooms or when cooking, studying, practicing for an exam, or exercising. If you'd like to start a countdown timer with a date and time, you can use the online countdown instead.

Does a Countdown Timer Work in Sleep Mode?

No, any online countdown timer will not work if your computer is on standby or in sleep mode.