Where Is the Stopwatch on a Computer?

Most operating systems don't have a stopwatch app by default. With the Online Stopwatch, you can use a stopwatch regardless of the operating system. Windows 11 users can also use the clock app to start a stopwatch, set a timer, or set an alarm on their computers.

What Is the Online Stopwatch?

The Online Stopwatch is an easy-to-use count-up timer that allows you to start a stopwatch to measure elapsed time in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

How Do I Use the Online Stopwatch?

  1. Press the "Start" button to start the stopwatch.
  2. Press the "Pause" button to record the elapsed time.
  3. Press the "Lap" button to record lap times without resetting the elapsed time.

How Does the Online Stopwatch Work?

The Online Stopwatch with a lap timer measures the amount of time between its activation and deactivation. This online chronometer records the elapsed time using the browser's clock between the time you activate and deactivate it.

What Is the Online Stopwatch Used for?

You can use the Online Stopwatch for studying or various sports activities, including, but not limited to, running or swimming. Since it can also be used as a full-screen stopwatch, you can project it in the classroom or a meeting.

Does the Online Stopwatch Work If I Close This Tab?

No, this online stopwatch timer doesn't work if you close this tab.

Does the Online Stopwatch Work in Sleep Mode?

No, the Online Stopwatch, or any other online tool, doesn't work in sleep mode.