Where Is the Stopwatch on a Computer?

Most computers do not have a built-in stopwatch. To use a stopwatch on a computer, you'll need to use a free online stopwatch. Or, if you have a Windows 11 device, you can use the clock application to start a count up timer, set a timer, or set an alarm on a computer. On Mac, you need to download an app.

What Is the Online Stopwatch?

The online stopwatch is an easy-to-use app that allows you to count up and start a stopwatch on your computer. It measures elapsed time in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. The tool also enables you to create laps. You can see the duration of each lap as well as the total elapsed time.

How Do I Use the Online Stopwatch?

Anyone can start a stopwatch with laps easily using the online stopwatch. Here's how to use the online tool:

  • Press Start to initiate the stopwatch.
  • Press Pause to pause the stopwatch.
  • Press Continue to continue counting up.
  • Press Lap to record lap times.
  • Click Reset to reset the stopwatch.

Also, when you split the time, you may see the Stopwatch Data table with the lap times and other details. You can save this data by clicking Export to CSV.

Clicking on the Settings icon on the navbar, you are able to change stopwatch settings. You can select whether you want your stopwatch to run in Seconds or Milliseconds by ticking or unticking the box displaying milliseconds. You can also set up a recurring alert with sound.

Finally, you can start or pause a running stopwatch by pressing the space bar as a shortcut.

How Does the Online Stopwatch Work?

The online stopwatch with lap timers measures the amount of time between its activation and deactivation (by pressing Start and Pause). This online chronometer records the elapsed time using your browser's clock and the current timezone you are in where you are located in the world.

What Is the Online Stopwatch Used for?

The online stopwatch can be used to track time, count up, and keep track of the elapsed time between events. It is helpful for studying, working, or working out. Since the free online tool can also be used as a full-screen stopwatch, you can project it in a classroom or meeting to measure the time and record laps of work completed.

Does the Online Stopwatch Work if I Close This Tab?

No, this online stopwatch timer does not work if you close this tab. You can switch tabs, minimize the tab, or use any other application on your desktop device, and the digital stopwatch will continue to run.

Does the Online Stopwatch Work in Sleep Mode?

No, none of the online stopwatches or timers don't work in sleep mode.